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MAXIMISE YOUR SKIN CONFIDENCE Two bodycare essentials to support and enhance your regime with their toning and tightening qualities. Packed with plant-based actives, this routine is bound to help you feel more toned for healthier-looking skin. This duo contains: Peachy Cheeks Bum Booster Cream: Gently exfoliates and removes surface skin cells to improve the texture of your skin. Charged with natural firming properties like Caffeine and Genistein to smooth out any bumpy areas. 83% agreed the product left skin feeling more elastic.* mio Dry Body Brush: Removes dead skin cells to reveal smooth, soft and invigorated skin. Encourages the renewal of surface cells through exfoliation to help reveal brighter, healthier-looking skin. Made from 100% vegan materials; PP fibre bristles and an FSC certified wooden base. Treading gently on the planet to protect our future generations, mio uses the best quality ingredients and sources packaging and materials sustainably and responsibly. What’s new at mio? Vegan friendly and cruelty-free formulas powered by plant-based chemistry. User tested products for proven results you can see and feel. New 100% natural feel-good fragrances. Feel-good complex packed with naturally-rich vitamins, antioxidants and mood-uplifting molecules to uplift the soul. New sustainable packaging to tread gently on the planet. One life, one planet, one body. Live it, look after it, love it. *Tested on respondents in a 2 week independent consumer trial. For further details, see individual product page.

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