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We know that student life can be tough, and staying fit on a budget is even more difficult. That’s why we’ve created a perfect bundle to give students a help in hand in crushing your workout goals! Out exclusive bundle features: 30 Servings IdealLean Protein 30 Servings IdealLean Pre-Workout IdealFit Shaker Bottle Why use IdealLean Protein? Product Features 23g of protein Whey Protein Isolate Low Fat Low Sugars 103 calories per scoop Vitamin D, Folic Acid, Calcium Biotin for healthy-looking skin and hair Here at IdealFit, we’ve worked hard to produce supplements specifically produced for women, by women. Unlike most protein shakes on the market using whey protein concentrates, we use whey protein isolate, a purer form of whey that contains a higher protein content with less fats and sugars. Whey protein isolate also contains a much lower lactose content than whey protein concentrates, making it easier for your body to digest – say goodbye to the bloat. Why use IdealLean Pre-Workout Looking for more energy and motivation during your workouts? IdealLean Pre-Workout provides you with the clean energy you need to sustain you throughout the most intense workouts. IdealLean Pre-Workout contains Niacin, Vitamins B6, and B12, which contribute to the normal energy-yielding metabolism and the the reduction of tiredness and fatigue. Taste matters to us, which is why IdealLean’s Watermelon Ice Pre-Workout encompasses the delicious flavouring of watermelon with a twist we know you’ll love!

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