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Define your best features with the Sigma F40 Large Angled Contour Brush. Hand crafted with a lightweight, sustainable wooden handle, the makeup brush features a fluffy, angled brush head with soft, round edges, perfect for applying powder blush and bronzer for a diffused, natural looking contour. Its synthetic Sigma Tech bristles are hypoallergenic and feature high performance filaments developed to pick up and deliver cream and powder products without any absorption. It will even maintain its original shape and colour after multiple washes. Use the angle to softly contour your cheekbones, and create diffused, delicate looks with your blusher. Recommended Use: Apply blush or bronzer to cheekbones Features: Unique Feature: Fluffy, angled brush head Function: Diffuse color on the face Cruelty Free Exclusive Sigma Tech Fibers Directions: Apply the chosen product along the contours of the cheeks. How To Clean Sigma Brushes 1 Wet Wet the bristles of your makeup brushes under warm water. Avoid unnecessarily wetting the ferrule and handle. This can damage and losen the fibers and ferrule of the brush over time. 2 Wash Add a small amount of cleaning solution to makeup brush bristles. Using the textures of your Sigma Spa brush cleaning tool, swirl brush on the WASH texture to deep clean. 3 Rinse Continue to hold the brush downward, place makeup brush under running water and sweep brush back and forth on the RINSE texture on your Sigma Spa gadget. Repeat steps two through three until the water runs clear. 4 Squeeze Gently squeeze brush bristles with hand, microfiber towel or paper towel to remove excess water.

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