Replenish Cleanser & Replenish Toner Kit – 2 x 200ml



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What is the Replenish Cream Cleanser & Gentle Toner? Cleansing underpins any effective skincare routine, as it’s important to remove all of the impurities (oils, dirt, pollution and make-up) which can clog your pores and inhibit skin’s natural repair and renewal. Mature skin types often benefit most from creamier cleansers like the Replenish Cream Cleanser, which locks moisture into the skin with coconut oil, shea butter and plant oestrogens. With no need for water, the Replenish Cream Cleanser is one of the easiest ways to cleanse, allowing you to kickstart your skincare regime with a clean refreshed base in the morning and help skin repair and rejuvenate overnight. Using a toner completes the cleansing process by removing the final traces of impurities as well as preparing your skin for the rest of your routine, to ensure it’s able to make the most of every other product you use. As we get older, loss of collagen can result in enlarged pores, so toning becomes even more important in helping to refine their appearance. Why choose the Replenish Cream Cleanser & Gentle Toner? Enriched with a host of natural ingredients such as sweet almond oil, shea butter, vitamin E, coconut oil and phytoestrogens from red clover extract, the cleanser moisturises, smooths, softens and protects the skin while it cleanses. The Replenish Gentle Toner contains a range of natural moisturisers (including Hydroviton® 24, a natural moisturising complex that keeps skin hydrated 24 hours a day) to lock-in moisture rather than stripping it away. Both contain the signature ingredient of the Replenish range – phytoestrogens – which help to restore skin’s density and radiance, for that healthy clean glow, morning or evening, at home or on holiday. Who is this for? These are suitable for all skin types but particularly great for mature skin suffering from a loss of radiance, hydration and tone. Directions of use Firstly, apply the cleanser to your face and neck with clean fingertips, gently massaging in with a circular motion. Wipe away with a cotton pad or muslin cloth. After wiping away your Replenish Cream Cleanser, apply the toner to a cotton pad and wipe gently, in an upwards movement, over your face and neck. Made in the U.K. Pre-launch user trial results This cleanser was tested on 107 women for a period of 7 days: 97% said the product was effective at cleansing the skin and removing make-up. 89% said their skin felt smoother after use. 89% said their skin was more hydrated after use. 86% said their skin felt more nourished after use. 85% said their skin was brighter and more radiant after use. This toner was tested on 107 women over a period of 7 days, this is a summary of the results: 96% said skin felt fully cleansed after use. 87% said skin felt smoother after use. 86% said skin felt softer after use. 85% said skin was more hydrated after use. 84% said their skin felt more nourished after use. 84% said their skin was brighter after use. 81% said the appearance of pores was reduced.

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