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Fight visible signs of ageing from the inside with the Imedeen Time Perfection 12 Month Bundle. These skincare tablets are formulated with LycoPhence GS Forte to support skin’s natural function, Zinc for overall health, and Vitamin C to encourage brightness and protection. The formula also includes Imedeen’s exclusive ingredient, Marine Complex. Marine Complex is full of nourishing proteins and polysaccharides that are incredibly similar to the ones found in skin’s supporting tissue. These ingredients work in synergy to improve the quality of skin, boost hydration levels and protect cells for oxidative stress over time. These tablets are able to tackle the skin at a deep dermal level which cannot be achieved by using traditional anti-ageing creams. This formula has been specifically curated by Imedeen to suit those aged 40 or over, helping to combat developing signs of ageing. Regular use of these tablets will promote better skin health and quality. It is recommended you take two tablets daily with a glass of water. Skin will begin to appear smoother, softer, and more supple within just twelve months.

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