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What is the Hair & Nail Strengthener Supplement? Heat styling, environmental factors, hormonal changes, contact with water and much more; it’s safe to say that between them, our hair and nails go through a lot. Furthermore, they’re not considered a priority by our body, so unless our diet is consistently and carefully balanced, their nutritional needs are often not met. This is where a supplement like the Hair & Nail Strengthener can come in. 18 carefully chosen micronutrients help promote glossy, shiny hair and strong, healthy-looking nails, giving you the everyday assurance that the needs of your hair and nails are being met. Why choose the Hair & Nail Strengthener Supplement? Even if we do everything we can to eat a balanced diet, sometimes life gets in the way. By choosing a supplement to complement your daily beauty routine and increase the positive action of your skin and hair care products, you can help keep your hair and nails strong day in, day out. This supplement has been specially designed by our nutritionists to contain over 18 carefully balanced micronutrients for their beneficial impact on hair and nails. Fortified with OptiMSM® for keratin production (the protein building blocks of strong, lustrous hair and healthy nails), a range of B-complex vitamins, to help healthy cells form plus silica for its strengthening properties in nail development and protection, this is the premium supplement for your hair and nail health. The supplement also includes a blend of enriching natural oils to boost hair texture and shine. Who is it for? The Hair & Nail Strengthener Supplement is suitable for anyone who would like to improve the strength or condition of their hair and nails with one easy addition to their daily routine. For best results build up use over 3-4 months and use alongside our Replenish Hand Cream SPF15. Made in Switzerland.

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